Repair & Service Rates

Our Services & Rates

In-Shop PC Repairs—$45 per Hour

Laptop computers must be dropped off with power supplies and cords, while only the tower is required for desktop computer repairs and maintenance. Once diagnostics are complete, an estimate for repairs is provided. Most repairs can be completed within two business days. Appointments are required with evening appointments available.

On-Site Service Repairs—$100 per Hour

Service calls for the five Boroughs are available. Appointments are required at least one day in advance. It is required someone 18 years or older be present.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services—$55

Making things convenient, we provide pick up and drop off services within 20 miles. Outside our area, we charge $.50 per mile, one way.

Remote Service—$75 per Half Hour

The most convenient of our repair service is our remote capabilities which is fast and affordable. If your computer is giving you problems we are here for you to provide you with top notch support and assistance necessary to solve all your problems. Remote Technical Support by TeamViewer over the Internet (100% safe).

Package Description Price
PC Setup Initialize system, Tune up computer with a thorough cleaning. Perform PC start-up, Disk Fragmentation, Disk Cleanup, download updates, perform initial system analysis, and ensure system is working properly. Service includes 1 software title install (Cannot be used for operating system install or Virus Removal. $49.99
Software Installation Install of any software title. Software Installation does not include the Windows Operating Systems. $29.99
Hardware Card/Drive/Modem) Installation of a Sound Card, Graphics Card, Optical Drive, power supply, floppy drive, modem or NIC $39.99
Peripheral Install/Setup Installation of Printers, all-in-ones and digital cameras $39.99
Computer Training (Hands on Tutorial) An Agent will give you a 3 Hour Training Session on your PC and Related Topics (e.g. Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7 tutorial on administration skills, basic Microsoft Office, Internet and anti-virus use. You’ll also learn how to install software properly, obtain basic PC Skills and work with digital photos, videos and music. $119.99
PC Setup Security & Performance
  1. Computer Optimization, installation of Windows critical updates
  2. Installation & Configuration of your anti-virus and anti-spyware software and updates
  3. Create Restore Disk for recovery in case of system failure.
New Computer Setup
  1. Unpacking and Setup of Computer, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
  2. Wire/Cable Management
  3. Configuration of Computer to use Existing Internet and Email Account
  4. Install Essential Software to get you up and running
Wireless Network Setup
  1. Setup or Troubleshooting of a 4 Device Wireless Network
  2. Installation and Configuration of 1 Router and 2 Adapters
  3. Setup of Wireless Encryption for a Secure Network
  4. Configuration of File and Print sharing
Memory Installation Installation of up to (2) Memory Sticks $39.99

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